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A Wild Week 1

The NFL's Opening Week Left Many of Us Stunned

Ben Heisler
September 11, 2017 - 8:37 am

The NFL season kicked off with a bang Thursday night as the Chiefs shocked the collective NFL world with a 42-27 upset victory on the road against the defending Super Bowl champions. But none of us had any clue that a Chiefs blowout victory would set the stage for some of the strangest stats you'll find from the first full week of games from the NFL season.

Let's start on the fantasy football side, where the stars everyone's grown to know and love seemed to go AWOL. I'd venture to guess we didn't see this coming on "Fantasy Football Sunday."

No TDs for Zeke Elliott in the Cowboys Sunday Night Football win over the Giants either.

While you're at it, I'm sure all of you waited it out in your fantasy drafts at QB too, right?

Oh, and if you took Le'Veon Bell and David Johnson at the top of the draft, you were the opposite of rewarded for your fantasy confidence.

Meanwhile Jeremy Maclin made his Ravens debut in style, doing something he didn't do once during his time in Kansas City.

And Cleveland... you were so close to making us all so proud.

And let's not forget to jump on that Jacksonville, L.A (Rams), & Buffalo Bills bandwagon for their divisions!

You have to feel for Jacksonville fans too... it's been a long time since anything this positive happened for them.

As for the Rams, it's amazing what a non-Jeff Fisher team could have the potential to do. 46 points in their opening game is a staggering number for the worst offense in the league last year.

But let's not give all the credit to that revamped Rams offense:

So what can we expect in the two Monday night matchups tonight? We'll talk about it on "Fantasy Advice with Heis" today at 2:45 on "The Drive" Your guess is as good as mine! 

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