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NBA Mock Draft 1.0 - Where Will Josh Jackson Go?

JJ, Frank Mason, Wes Iwundu Find Out Their NBA Futures Thursday Night

Ben Heisler
June 21, 2017 - 1:31 pm

Welcome to the first (and only) version of the 610 Sports Radio NBA Mock Draft! Inside you'll find picks, notes and video on the most likely destinations for the top-14 teams in the NBA Draft Lottery, along with a few special picks for the local players in Frank Mason & Wesley Iwundu at K-State. 

I decided to team up with our new 610 Sports Radio intern, Peyton Garrison who in addition to helping me get the podcasts up faster, is also a young NBA scouting savant. Below you'll find a quick scouting report on each player along with a current NBA comp and a "BOLD TAKE" that really isn't that bold or predictive, rather just something amusing to take out of the silliness below. Remember, nobody's mock draft is ever completely right, which is why Chad Ford goes and changes his every year after the draft is done!

2017 NBA Draft Order (Thursday night on ESPN)

Round 1


1. Philadelphia 76ers (from Celtics via Nets)  

PLAYER: Markelle Fultz, G - University of Washington - Freshman

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: Fultz has shown that he is capable of being a successful NBA point guard who can control the flow of the offense while creating opportunities for his teammates while also creating for himself.On the downside, his Washington Huskies finished 9-22 on the year which does raise some eyebrows, but he should pair well with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid for years to come.

NBA COMP: James Harden/D’Angelo Russell

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: Fultz could either be the next Dwayne Wade or end up as D'Angelo Russell without the trust issues. The crappy college record doesn't remind me of Ben Simmons' (hey another 76er!) situation because Fultz thought he was coming in to play with guys like Marquise Chriss and DeJounte Murray and both left for the NBA surprisingly. Fultz with a healthy Simmons, Joel Embiid and Dario Saric with Bob Covington now their fifth best player actually makes them kinda fun and not awful! 


2. Los Angeles Lakers  

PLAYER: Lonzo Ball, G - UCLA - Freshman

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: Arguably the biggest name in the draft, we all know about Lonzo. Ball has the size and length to be a tremendous playmaker in this league. He has an unconventional jump shot but it is sneaky consistent. Ball will be more of a distributor and floor general for the Lakers.

NBA COMP: Jason Kidd

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: Ball's got exceptional court-vision but doesn't play a lick of defense so he'll fit right in with the Lakers. This also goes to show you that you can have family members be loud, brash, tell 29 teams not to draft you, and somehow you still end up winning in life! What a message!


3. Boston Celtics (from 76ers via Kings)

PLAYER: Jayson Tatum, F - Duke - Freshman

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: A bit of a surprise Tatum over Josh Jackson, but Chad Ford reports that the C’s appear to lean towards Tatum since Jackson won’t workout for the team. Tatum is a long and athletic wing/slasher type of player who thrives in the isolation game as well as a lockdown defender. At Duke, Tatum showed that he can be a legitimate two-way player in the league.

NBA COMP: Danny Granger

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: I really liked Tatum until I saw this quote...

Now I see a major character flaw. Hopefuly Brad Stevens can coach that awful pizza take out of him.


4. Phoenix Suns

PLAYER: Josh Jackson - G/F - Kansas - Freshman

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: Jackson, who might actually have the highest ceiling in this year’s draft, falls to Phoenix because he would not workout with the Celtics. Jackson has the talent and skills to become an NBA star, pairing with Eric Bledsoe and Devin Booker which could make for a powerful trio in the desert.

NBA COMP: Kawhi Leonard/Jimmy Butler

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: The NBA comps are the equivalent of the eyes emojis, but Jackson has all the physical tools to come close. Maybe shoot above 50% from the free throw line and we can begin a conversation. Also, it's important to stay out of trouble in college because it could cost you your draft stock...er...never mind.


5. Sacramento Kings (from 76ers)

PLAYER: De'Aaron Fox - PG - Kentucky - Freshman

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: Fox showed his speed and athleticism in the 2017 NCAA Tournament, while also beating Lonzo Ball head to head in the Sweet 16. Fox has John Wall like speed and impressive court vision but his jumpshot is not as reliable. Fox will bring the Kings some much needed stability in their backcourt teaming up with Buddy Hield.

NBA COMP: John Wall/Dennis Schroeder

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: He's compared to John Wall for his explosive burst to the basket and has Dennis Schroeder's taste for bizarre hair-dos. I can't think of a better dual-comp!


6. Orlando Magic

PLAYER: Malik Monk - SG - Kentucky - Freshman

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: Monk is an explosive wing player who can get to the basket with force and also be deadly from beyond the arc. Monk is a good defensive option but may have a hard time matching up with bigger wing players. The Magic need more offensive firepower and Monk can be another weapon for their offense and help bring some much needed depth to their backcourt.

NBA COMP: Lou Williams/Eric Gordon

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: Orlando/Disney is the perfect place for Monk to wind up because they don't have to wish upon a star every time a player takes a jump shot. Orlando needs scoring BADLY and Monk helps spread the floor with a pass-first guard like Elfrid Payton to find him opportunities.



7. Minnesota Timberwolves

PLAYER: Jonathan Issac - Florida State SF/PF - Freshman

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: The Timberwolves already have potential stars in Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Zach LeVine and Kris Dunn but they lack length and athleticism at the four spot. Isaac is an incredibly long and lean forward who can run up and down the floor with ease and can be an elite wing defender, but Isaac also needs to grow into his body much like Kevin Durant when he entered the league.

NBA COMP: Rashard Lewis/Kevin Durant

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: Head Coach Tom Thibodeau has to be ECSTATIC that Issac remains on the board so he can add another great sized, athletic 3/4 to the mix in Minnesota. He'll celebrate the pick with some Jameson on ice alone in his film room watching Florida State tape in the dark because that's what Thibs does for fun... He watches film.


8. New York Knicks

PLAYER: Dennis Smith - PG - NC State - Freshman

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: The Knicks have been rumored to be shopping Kristaps Porzingis, but that could just be a smoke screen for other teams. New York needs more stability and playmaking ability at the guard spots and they would like to have Malik Monk here but he is off the board. Dennis Smith would be a nice fit with the Knicks, he brings good court awareness and playmaking ability to the offense and he can also jump out of the gym. Derrick Rose is a free agent this year and does not look to be the Knicks’ long term answer at the point.

NBA COMP: Baron Davis/Steve Francis

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: It's hard to believe, but Phil Jackson's moves so far as Knicks Czar have been suboptimal besides stumbling his way into drafting Kristaps Porzingus. He may luck into another great pick this year in Smith who fits the mold of young athletic point guards with great size and scoring ability.


9. Dallas Mavericks

PLAYER: Lauri Markkanen - PF - Arizona - Freshman

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: The Mavericks may have finally found their replacement for the legend Dirk Nowitzki in Lauri Markkanen. Point guard is probably where the Mavs would like to go but since the top guards are off the board, taking Markkanen to learn behind Dirk just makes so much sense. Markkanen could be the next Dirk or Porzingis type of player but he will need time to learn and continue to grow into his massive 7 ft 230 lb frame.

NBA COMP: Nikola Mirotic/Ryan Anderson

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: As a Bulls fan, I remember hearing Mirotic was going to be the next Nowitzki. Now after watching him play, I just cry myself to sleep thinking how the Bulls stunted his growth and completely blew it. Here's hoping Markkanen can become a natural scorer in the mold of Dirk and actually being able to learn from Dirk could pay dividends long term. This is also a great value pick at #9 for Dallas.

10. Sacramento Kings (from Pelicans)

PLAYER: Justin Jackson - SF - UNC - Junior

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: The first upper-classmen off the board, as the Kings may have reached here taking Jackson. The Kings got their guard in De’Aaron Fox and they have a lot of young depth in the front court, so taking an experienced college player in Jackson, while also adding length and more athleticism at the wing spot makes a lot of sense here.

NBA COMP: Evan Turner

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: Jackson was the ACC Player of the Year but as far as draft stock goes, he shouldn't be picked this high. Sacramento reaches with the pick because they've heard his name before and see the similarities to Jackson's game with Rudy Gay who has opted out of Northern California (minus the major athleticism from Jackson).


11. Charlotte Hornets

PLAYER: Donovan Mitchell - SG - Louisville - Sophomore

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: Mitchell has big time athleticism and he is a proverbial “3 and D” player who does a nice job getting to the hoop. His biggest strength by far is perimeter defense where he can step in right away and help Charlotte that just traded Marco Belinelli, who was their “3 and D” player.

NBA COMP: Norman Powell 

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: Intern Peyton and I disagreed here. Knowing how owner Michael Jordan tends to go, I would have thought Kennard from Duke would've been the pick as MJ tends to fall in love with those kinds of players. Mitchell is the right pick with Charlotte in desparate need of a two-guard that can defend. If Kemba and Kennard made up the backcourt, there would be zero reason for this team to play defense... EVER.



12. Detroit Pistons

PLAYER: Luke Kennard - SG - Duke - Sophomore

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: Kennard is an extremely dangerous shooter from anywhere on the court and defenses must pay attention to where he is on the floor. Being a product of Coach K, he has developed a great basketball IQ and he is a scrappy defensive player. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is a free agent this summer and the Pistons desperately need more offensive weapons and shooters which Kennard should provide.

NBA COMP: Kyle Korver

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: Wait.... A white guy shooter was compted to ANOTHER WHITE GUY SHOOTER? Ok, so it's actually a fair comp for Kennard who lit it up at Duke last year. Detroit gives themselves some insurance in case Caldwell-Pope leaves and Kennard works great coming off screens to get himself open. Korver's had a terrific career and as long as you close your eyes on defense when you watch him play. Kennard is a much better defender than Korver but come on... the scouting report says "scrappy" and not "athletic." 


13. Denver Nuggets

PLAYER: Zach Collins - F/C - Gonzaga - Freshman

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: Collins slides a bit here due to team needs and better fits for players but Collins does have a ton of upside. Collins runs the floor very well for a big man. The only downside to Collins is that he came off the bench for the Zags, behind fellow big man Przemek Karnowski, so he did not have as much playing time as a lottery pick should but his quickness and mid-range game should be a good fit in Denver.

NBA COMP: Brad Daugherty

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: With an NBA comp like Brad Daugherty, wouldn't it be amazing if Zach Collins also happened to be hardcore into NASCAR? Denver is taking best player available here even though they are complete at the 5 with Jokic. Collins can shoot and has potential to be a Top-5 player in this draft if he bulks up and improves his shooting.


14. Miami Heat

PLAYER: John Collins - F/C - Wake Forest - Sophomore

INTERN PEYTON’S SCOUTING REPORT: John Collins has a similar game to the other Collins, Zach; but John is more athletic and physical. Collins is very efficient on the glass both offensively and defensively but he is not much of a threat scoring the ball. With the Chris Bosh erc likely to come to an end, Collins would slide in nicely in South Beach.

NBA COMP: Chris Wilcox/Damian Jones

BENNY HEIS’ BOLD TAKE: Miami gets a talented and athletic swing 4/5 player in Collins. Even though Miami needs to score the basketball, I think they trust that Collins can develop into that Chris Bosh mold with an inside-outside game. Should LeBron come back to Miami, sadly he may not make it onto the Banana Boat.




BENNY HEIS’ PREDICTION: O.G Anunoby - F - Indiana - Sophomore

INTERN PEYTON’S PREDICTION: Frank Ntilikina - PG - Strasbourg International



  • BENNY HEIS’ PREDICTION: San Antonio Spurs at #29 Overall
  • INTERN PEYTON’S PREDICTION: Sacramento Kings at #34 Overall



  • BENNY HEIS’ PREDICTION: New Orleans Pelicans at #40 Overall
  • INTERN PEYTON’S PREDICTION: Boston Celtics at #53 Overall

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