Royals Need To Watch Some Pitches

Moose, Esky, Bonafacio and more...

Brad Fanning
May 08, 2017 - 11:33 am

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The near and distant future of the Royals hinges on one thing.  The eye.  More specifically, the 18-eyes on the nine hitters that make up the Royals starting lineup.

The offense has been God awful.  I won’t bore you with statistics.  You’re smart enough.  You watch the games and you know how to use the Google.

If the Royals have a better “eye” at the plate, they can turn this season around and keep the core of those 2014 and 2015 pennant winners together for the rest of the season.  If they don’t, this team will look radically different in in a month and a half.  Players will be traded.  The era will come to an end.  And it’s on to the Pat Mahomes watch across the parking lot.

In the first inning of Sunday’s 1-0 loss to the Indians Mike Moustakas saw 6-pitches.  None were strikes.  He struck out.  In the bottom of the 4th of a scoreless game Eric Hosmer had a 6-pitch plate appearance.  Only one pitch was a strike.  He walked.  Sal Perez doubled and the Royals had runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out.  Jorge Soler followed with a 6-pitch at bat (3 were strikes) and struck out looking.  Jorge Bonafacio saw 6-pitches (2 were strikes) and struck out swinging.  Inning over.  Game over.  The Royals never got another hit. 

There’s a difference between seeing “more pitches” and having a “good eye.”  But they’re both intermingled.  You have to see pitches to develop a good eye, or in some of the Royals cases, regain a good eye.

I’m proud as heck of Alcides Escobar.  He drew a walk.  No kidding.  Hey, It’s a start.  Jay Binkley is more likely to wear long pants than Esky is to walk.  (it’s about a once every 2-years thing for Bink to not wear shorts.)

Hosmer walked 3-times and he’s raised his batting average almost 100-points in the last few weeks.  So, there are signs of “eye” improvement.  But like anything, you start getting into bad habits and you can’t change them overnight. 

But it needs to happen soon.  If the total team “eye” of the Royals doesn’t change soon, the roster will. 

NOTE: Watch the pitches the Royals swing at and then go look at   You can check out where they were located.  It will give you a great idea if the Royals are getting better or worse at swinging at strikes. 

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