Tyreek Hill Predicts Chiefs Will Win 7 Super Bowls

Hill has upped the ante after teammate Chris Jones' recent proclamation.

Jesse Pantuosco
July 23, 2020 - 3:09 pm

The recent recipient of a five-year, $85-million extension, Chris Jones seems bullish on the Chiefs’ chances of repeating as Super Bowl champions in 2020. In fact, the star pass-rusher went as far as to forecast a Chiefs dynasty, predicting the reigning champs will net at least five Lombardi Trophies before KC’s Patrick Mahomes Era runs out of steam.

If that sounds overly ambitious, wait until you hear Tyreek Hill’s response. The fifth-year wideout is setting his sights even higher, seeing his teammate’s five rings and raising him two more.

“Why say five?” said Hill while appearing on ESPN’s First Take. “Why not go seven rings?” While not as brazen as LeBron James promising eight titles (Miami’s “Big Three” fell well short of that mark, only winning two), seven championships is still a huge ask, particularly for a franchise that’s won all of two Super Bowls in its nearly 60-year existence.

Clearly the Chiefs aren’t shying away from expectations. Michael Jordan claimed six Larry O’Brien trophies during his Chicago Bulls reign, the same number of championships earned by legendary quarterback Tom Brady. Doing Brady and MJ one better would be quite a feat, though with Mahomes under contract for the next dozen years, KC’s Super Bowl window is wide open.

“Right now, we're just chasing Jordan, so that’s what we do,” said Hill, who was spotted training with former NFLers Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson earlier this week. “So I'm going over five, and I'm saying seven."

If Hill makes good on his promise, it will give a whole new meaning to “7 Rings.”

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